USS Midway



By Bruce Lonardo



I would like to include an epilogue of mentioned gratitude to the Navy, the Midway and Japan, including thankful acknowledgements to Troy Prince and the Midway Museum.


To have served in the United States Navy aboard a ship as great as the USS Midway and to have served America overseas in a foreign country as awesome as Japan was indeed a great honor. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Navy for that extreme privilege.


I would also like to extend a salute of the utmost respect to the USS Midway and all of her Captains, officers and crew who have ever served aboard her throughout her long 47 years of service.


I would also like to thank each and every one of the good folks who are involved in the USS Midway Museum project and also the good people of San Diego, California and Bremerton, Washington who were all equally involved in the restoration and preservation of this great ship. Thank You all for preserving such an important part of our Navy's history and of America's historical legacy.


I also would like to extend my gratitude and respect to Troy Prince who was absolutely requisite to the creation of this photo gallery on this GREAT USS MIDWAY website that he himself created and authored with many very impressive Midway photo galleries of his own as well. Thank You Troy for the extreme honor that you've afforded me of having my small name and memories associated with the USS Midway's great name and history.


Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank all of the good people of Japan who were so gracious and kind to me while I was stationed in their wonderful country. Thank You for making my two year visit to Japan so pleasant and memorable!

~ Bruce Lonardo