Midway Magic


She left her last port
But not on her own;
There were those that towed
Her toward a brand new home.

She slid through the water
With ease and with grace,
Remembering those who
Served and war's ugly face.

She had sailed proud
And fought many years.
Had she had eyes, you would
Have seen her tears.

She had been in waters
Both warm and cold,
But her day was over;
She had grown too old.

She arrived at a new port
On a bright and sunny day.
Old friends climbed aboard her
And she again was underway.

She knew many of those
That rode her to shore:
She had felt their presence
In the many years before.

But she now knew this
Day wasn't so tragic,
For throughout her hull
Flowed the Midway Magic.


Virginia Swanson
Copyright Feb 3, 2004

Design by Ocean Serenity

Dedicated to her and those who served on her...
Thank-You from all of America.