USS Midway


My 2004 USS Midway Collection

Crossing San Diego Bay ~ January 10, 2004


USS Midway



The pictures contained in this gallery are ones I took on January 10, 2004 in San Diego, California.

These pictures are of different views of Midway & show many close-ups in various parts of the ship.



322 photos in 14 galleries


Shuttle Boat Ride


Shuttle Boat Ride

to NAS North Island

32 Photos


Escorts across the Bay


Escorts across

the Bay

16 Photos


Flight Deck


Around the

Flight Deck

30 Photos


Photos of the Island


Photos of the


38 Photos


Hangar Bay


Hangar Bay


34 Photos




& Spaces

20 Photos


Sponson Photos



& Fantail

31 Photos


Pier Photos


From Navy Pier &

Waterfront Park

45 Photos


Aircraft on the Flight Deck


Aircraft on the

Flight Deck

25 Photos


Pier Reception Area


Navy Pier &

Reception Area

13 Photos

USS Midway Model at the Train Station


USS Midway Model

at the Train Station

09 Photos


Photos of me aboard USS Midway


Photos of me

around Midway

09 Photos





from the trip

06 Photos


Aircraft Carrier Memorial, San Diego, California


Aircraft Carrier


19 Photos






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