USS Midway


My June 2004 USS Midway Collection

SDACM Grand Opening June 04 ~ 14, 2004


USS Midway



The pictures contained in this gallery are ones I took between June 04 ~ 14, 2004 in San Diego, California.

These pictures are of different views of Midway & show many close-ups in various parts of the ship.



A note about these pictures:

The ship is undergoing restoration in phases, with Phase One completed for the opening week. Most of these pictures were taken in the accessible parts of the ship. However, many others were taken in areas not accessible to the public. Only my status as a Safety & Security Team Volunteer during the opening week allowed me to photograph many of these areas. Even with this status, I still needed to obtain special permission from the Chief Engineer, Pete Clayton for access to certain areas. Much of the ship is still off-limits and has been chained/locked off. For those visiting the Midway, if a hatch or passageway is chained off, don't break the barrier! It is secured because it is not safe to go into and you will be escorted off the ship if caught.



870 photos & 01 video in 22 galleries


Friends & Shipmates


Friends &


73 Photos


SDACM Aircraft Restoration Hangar


SDACM Aircraft

Restoration Hangar

56 Photos


SDACM Aircraft Aboard Ship


SDACM Aircraft

Aboard Ship

99 Photos


Ticket Booth & Pier Area


Ticket Booth

& Pier Area

17 Photos


Midway's Anchor




07 Photos

Midway from the Pier



from the Pier

81 Photos


Flight Deck


Flight Deck

79 Photos


Photos of the Island


Photos of the


57 Photos


Island Spaces


Island Spaces

33 Photos


Flight Deck Crane


Flight Deck Crane

18 Photos

Hangar Bay


Hangar Bay

71 Photos





21 Photos


Sponson Photos



28 Photos


Fantail Cafe


Fantail Cafe

07 Photos


Passageways & Spaces



& Spaces

43 Photos

VAQ-136 Spaces & Ready Room


VAQ-136 Spaces

& Ready Room

36 Photos


Aft Mess Deck & Wardroom


Aft Mess Deck

& Wardroom

15 Photos


SDFD Hook & Ladder



Hook & Ladder

09 Photos


SDCP&J Protesters




06 Photos


Photos of me aboard USS Midway


Photos of me

around Midway

67 Photos & 01 Video




from my trip

27 Items


Aircraft Carrier Memorial, San Diego, California


Aircraft Carrier


20 Photos










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