~ SR-71 Blackbird ASARS Nose on Maintenance Stand ~



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Completed: February 03, 2012


After a 15 year absence, I've finally returned to the modeling workbench. I have several projects in work,

but this is my first completed build and my first attempt at photographing a model and posting it online.

I took a Monogram 1/72 SR-71 Blackbird nose section and mounted it on a scratch built maintenance

stand. Items used to complete this project were: styrene rods & sheets of various sizes, wire, the bottom

rim of a thimble, four Harrier outrigger wheels, landing gear actuator arms from the spares box, & a tow

bar & hitch from an A/M32A-60A Generator set. Cutting Edge decals were used for the nose markings

(which shattered at the lower edges) & an Eduard RBF flag was attached to a metal spring tube to

complete the probe cover. Testors & Floquil enamel paints were used overall. As completed, it measures

three inches long by one & a half inches high.

SR-71 Blackbird

The Inspiration

SR-71 Blackbirds Website

SR-71 Blackbird

View 01

SR-71 Blackbird

View 02

SR-71 Blackbird

View 03

SR-71 Blackbird

View 04

W: 3"

H: 1 1/2"




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