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USS Midway



Please note: The items in these galleries are not for sale!



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USS Midway Souvenirs


Midway Souvenirs

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USS Midway Museum Souvenirs


Museum Souvenirs

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USS Midway Patches


Patch Collection

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USS Midway Cruise Books


Cruise Book


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USS Midway Welcome Aboard Booklets


Welcome Aboard


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USS Midway Newspapers & Newsletters


Ship's Newspapers

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USS Midway Pamphlets & Booklets


Ship's Pamphlets

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Ship's Messages


Ship's Messages

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USS Midway Ceremony & Events Programs



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USS Midway Certificates & Cards



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USS Midway Calendars



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Koku Fan Magazine Articles


Koku Fan

Magazine Articles

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Miscellaneous Magazine Articles



Magazine Articles

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Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles



Newspaper Articles

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All Hands Magazine Articles


All Hands

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Naval Aviation News Magazine Articles


Naval Aviation News

Magazine Articles

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My USS Midway Scale Models


Plastic Scale


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Liberty Port Souvenirs


Liberty Port


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I'm sorry, but I am not selling the items in these galleries. The items shown here are from my own personal collection or were submitted by former crewmembers for viewing on this site.

For anyone interested in obtaining Midway memorabilia, eBay always has much to offer. I recommend using the "Search" tool on eBay's homepage, using the following keywords:

"USS MIDWAY" or "CV-41"

Some of the items frequently offered are: Patches, lapel/hat pins, hats, videos, Zippo lighters, T-shirts, photos, postcards, cuff links, matchbook covers, ashtrays, cruise books, stationary, plastic models, and much more.

In addition to eBay, there are many online stores offering Midway memorabilia. Patches and hats are the most common items, with shirts and sweatshirts also available.