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This page is to say "Thank You" to all those who

felt this site was deserving of their award.



My apologies for the awards without links.

Some of the sites no longer exist and

I do not have links for the rest of them.








Ocean's World - Best of the WebOcean's World - Jewel of the Web







Sharon's Award for Home Page ExcellenceBarb's Award for ExcellenceSharon Rose - Award of Excellence







Angela's Best of the Web Black Rose AwardCinnamon's Award for Home Page DesignQuatec - Website Design Award







Chandra's Angelic Award of ExcellenceATJS Golden Chalice Link Award







Military.com - Distinguished SiteGrunt's Military Site - Grunt Approved AwardMilitary World.com - Certified Site Award







U.S. Wings.com - Gold Site Award







International Association of Web Masters & Designers - Golden Web Award for 2002~2003Majon.com - Web Select AwardInternational Association of Web Masters & Designers - Golden Web Award for 2003~2004







Patriot Award from The Patriot FilesSky-Flash Award







Jake's Yankee Station - The Big E Award






The Deck Plate - Golden Anchor Award






Military VA Loan - Great American Website Award




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