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~ My Patch Collection ~



Please note: These items are not for sale!



494 patches in 11 galleries


USS Midway Patches


USS Midway

100 Patches


Carrier Air Wing Five Patches


Air Wing Five

40 Patches


VAQ-136 Gauntlets


VAQ-136 Gauntlets

45 Patches


EA-6B Prowler & EA-18G Growler Patches


EA-6B Prowler

& EA-18G Growler

88 Patches

U.S. Bases


U.S. Military

Bases & Units

101 Patches


U.S. Navy Ships


U.S. Ships

39 Patches


Desert Shield & Desert Storm


Desert Shield

& Desert Storm

11 Patches


Miscellaneous American




27 Patches

Foreign Military Patches


Foreign Military

23 Patches


Flag Patches



09 Patches


NATO Tiger Association



Tiger Association

11 Patches





A personal note:


I'm sorry, but I am not selling the items shown on this page. For anyone interested in items like these, eBay always has much to offer. I recommend using the "Search" tool on eBay's homepage, using the appropriate search term for the subject you are looking for. In addition to eBay, there are many online stores offering coins, patches, stickers, and other items for sale.


For other military memorabilia, please visit the following link:



MidwaySailor.com Store




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My Military Coin Collection


My Zap Sticker Collection