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My Personal Favorites

A6M Zero-sen

A-6 Intruder

A-7 Corsair II

A-10 Thunderbolt

A-12 Blackbird

AH-1 Cobra

AH-64 Apache

Aerospace Museum

Air Wing Five

American Wings

AMJET Hangar

B-17 Flying Fortress

B-24 Liberator

B-25 Mitchell

B-52 Stratofortress


Blue Angels

C-2A Greyhound

C-5 Galaxy

C-47 Skytrain

C-130 Hercules

CH-46 Sea Knight

CH-47 Chinook

Carrier Memorial

Crystal Fly-In

Deke Slayton Airfest

Discover Aviation Days

EA-18G Growler

F4U Corsair

F-4 Phantom II

F-5 Tiger II

F-14 Tomcat

F-15 Eagle

F-16 Fighting Falcon

F/A-18 Hornet

F/A-18 Super Hornet

F-105 Thunderchief

Fort Snelling Museum


Hawaiian Memorials

HIJMS Mikasa

Humboldt County

JASDF Blue Impulse

L-29 Delphin

L-39 Albatros

Light Observation

London, England



MiG Aces

MCAS El Toro

Madison County, Iowa

Minneapolis, MN

Mitsubishi F-1 & T-2

MN ANG Museum

NAF Atsugi

NAF Misawa

Nanchang CJ6A

NAS Memphis

NAS North Island

O-2A Skymaster

Ocean Sunsets

OH-6 Cayuse

OV-1 Mohawk

P-3 Orion

P-40 Warhawk

P-51 Mustang


RAF Brawdy

RAF Red Arrows

Russian Aircraft

S-2 Tracker

SH-2 Seasprite

SH-3 Sea King

SH-60B Seahawk

Sailing Ships

San Diego, CA


Ships - Battleships

Ships - Carriers

Ships - Cruisers

Ships - Escorts

Ships - Foreign

Ships - Submarines


Sinsheim, Germany


T-6A Texan II

T-28 Trojan

T-33 Shooting Star

T-34 Mentor

T-38 Talon

TBM Avenger

Texans & SNJs



Tora! Tora! Tora!

UH-1 Huey

UH-60 Blackhawk


USS Pampanito


Wings of Freedom

Wings of the North

Wings Over Gillespie

Wings Over Houston

Yasukuni's Yushukan


USS Midway

VAQ-136 Gauntlets

Military Section

My Scale Models

London Central

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Air Shows & Museums


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My Personal Favorites


My Personal Favorites



While most guys are interested in cars, trucks, or motorcycles, from an early age I have been interested in military aircraft and ships. Being a Navy Brat kept me on many military bases and around these machines. I started taking pictures of them when I was 16 and continued throughout my years on active duty. Even now, as a civilian, I still manage to run across military aircraft and ships.


I do not claim to be a professional photographer..... heck, I'm lucky most of the early pictures even came out. However, most of the pictures I took did come out fairly well. I started out with an old Kodak Disc camera and a 110 camera and then received a Konica 35mm hand-me-down from my father. In 2003, I bought a new Canon 35mm camera, which was followed by a Sony Cybershot digital camera. In 2009 I finally broke down and bought a decent digital camera ~ a Canon EOS Rebel XSI.


Please take some time to browse through the galleries in this section. For some of you, they may bring back memories of places you've been and things you've seen. For others, they may show places you wish you had been and things you've missed out on. Please enjoy the pictures and try not to laugh too hard at the efforts of the photographer!


~ Troy Prince, Aviation Machinist's Mate, USN

~ VAQ-136 Gauntlets aboard USS Midway & USS Independence (1989 ~ 1992)

~ NAF Atsugi AIMD (1992 ~ 1994)

~ NAF Misawa AIMD (1994 ~ 1998)



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