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USS Midway ~ Fleet's Finest Carrier







~ Links to USS Midway web sites ~




USS Midway Museum

USS Midway Museum Official Web Site ~ The official web site of USS Midway in her new life as an interactive, educational, & entertainment museum in San Diego, California.


USS Midway Museum Facebook Page ~ The USS Midway Museum's Facebook page.


USS Midway Museum Research Library Facebook Page ~ The USS Midway Museum's Research Library Facebook page.



Buzz Nau's - Formerly Eagle3's Nest

Buzz Nau's USS Midway web site with many photos of USS Midway & Air Wing Five. It also includes an Air Wing & Ship's Personnel Roll Call. If you are looking for someone who served with the air wing or on the ship, you may find them listed here.



USS Midway Museum Online Store

USS Midway Museum Online Store

This is the USS Midway Museum's souvenir shop located in the old AIMD spaces aboard Midway & offering a lot of their merchandise.



USS Midway Veterans Association

USS Midway Veterans Association

A shipwide organization of United States Navy & Marine Corps Veterans who served aboard the USS Midway (CV-41) at some point during her operational history, from her commissioning in 1945 to her decommissioning in 1993. As Midway Veterans we have been acknowledged by the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum in San Diego as an organization where former officers & crew can gather, share their stories & help support their legacy through the Midway Museum.



Midway Joe's Navy ~ Midway Joe's recollections of the USS Midway & other ships that operated with her in the Formosa Straits & off California.



Midway Memories ~ Charlie Beggy, Jr. was aboard Midway for her 1947 ~ 1948 Mediterranean Cruise. His site has personal recollections & great photos from that cruise & his visit to the SDACM in July 2004.



A Petty Officer and a Swabbie ~ Writings by Charles W. Paige. His experiences as a young man from Michigan during a four year stint in the US Navy, including Asian travels & shipboard life. Includes a section on the USS Midway & her decommissioning.



USS Midway by Jeff Hill ~ A blog-style web page with a general ship's history, a history of VA-115 Arabs / Eagles, an overview of aircraft that have served on the Midway, a series of slides from 1974 to 1977 & snapshots of the Cold War from a squadron perspective - a pilot's perspective.



The Heroes of the Vietnam War Book Series

~ by Marjorie Haun

Little Bird Dog & The Big Ship

Little Bird Dog & The Big Ship

The Heroes of the Vietnam War: Book One


Softcover Version

Kindle Version


South Vietnamese Airforce Major Bung-Ly narrowly escapes being shot down as he takes off from Con Son Island in his little Cessna Bird Dog. The plane is too heavy to fly for long because his five young children and wife are on board. The invasion of enemies from North Vietnam makes it impossible for him to stay in his beloved country. Brave Bung-Ly loads his terrified wife and children on to the little Bird Dog and desperately heads out to sea, not knowing where he will land, or if there will be a place for him to take his family.

Out at sea is the gigantic aircraft carrier, the USS Midway. Bung-Ly spots the ship in the distance, but when he gets closer he sees that its decks are crowded with equipment, helicopters, and hundreds of people. There is no room for him to land his airplane. How will this story end for brave Major Bung-Ly and his family?

This true story is one of the amazing tales of heroism and sacrifice from from the Vietnam War.


Saving The Vietnamese Orphans

Saving The Vietnamese Orphans

The Heroes of the Vietnam War: Book Two


Softcover Version

Kindle Version


Operation Babylift was one of the largest humanitarian efforts of the 20th Century. As American troops were pulled out of Vietnam, the vulnerable “bui doi” orphans were left exposed to the dangers presented by the North Vietnamese invasion. These children, many of whom were of mixed race, had nowhere to go and their caretakers in the orphanages were overwhelmed with the tasks of both caring for small children and defending them from the perils of war.

President Gerald Ford made a decision to airlift these innocent children out of Southeast Asia. Would there there be enough time and resources available to get these children out of the country and into the arms of loving, adoptive families?

Saving the Vietnamese Orphans is the true story of this compassionate and dangerous effort on the parts of thousands of military personnel, civilians, and humanitarian workers to rescue these precious children from the terrible fate that awaited them if they remained.



Aviation Profile



Navy Emporium ~ Keepsakes of Military Service


Navy Emporium

Framed ship displays & engraved ship's plaques.

USS Midway Framed Ship Display


USS Midway Framed Ship Display



Mesothelioma Attorney


Mesothelioma Law Firm of Danziger & De Llano

Due to the large amounts of asbestos used in Navy ships, many Navy Veterans are now being diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer. The Mesothelioma Law Firm of Danziger & De Llano offers free consultations & helps asbestos victims & their families explore their legal options & get the financial compensation they're owed.


Mesothelioma Lawyers

More information on the legal rights of mesothelioma victims & family.



Mesothelioma Lawyer Center


Mesothelioma Lawyer Center

Lawsuit information for mesothelioma victims & family.




Mesothelioma Settlement


Mesothelioma Settlement

Find the top mesothelioma lawyers in your area.







~ Links to other Aviation, Museum & Ship web sites ~




Air Force ~ News, views and contacts from the global Air Force industry.


Army ~ News, views and contacts from the global Army industry.


Naval ~ News, views and contacts from the global Naval industry.


Air-Britain Photographic Images Collection  ~ Aviation photos.  ~ Aviation photos.  ~ Aviation photos, information & news.


Airpics Photo Database  ~ Aviation photos.


Airplane  ~ Aviation photos.  ~ Aviation photos.


Air Wings  ~ Japanese web site with aviation photography.


Carrier Air Wing Five  ~ Official web site of CVW-5.


NEW! The Cars, Tanks & Airplanes of World War II  ~  A link requested by the kids tutored by William "Mr. Bill" Jackson.


The Flying Kiwi ~ Richard Seaman's Website - Air Shows, museums, travel & more.  ~ The ultimate F-15E Strike Eagle reference.  ~ The ultimate F-16 Fighting Falcon / Viper reference.


Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation & Aviation Museum  ~  After MCAS El Toro closed, the base museum moved to MCAS Miramar. This is the official web site.


Gene Slover's U.S. Navy Pages  ~ A U.S. Navy themed website maintained in honor of Gene Slover & all the other active duty & retired military who sacrificed so much so we can live free.


Go! Navy  ~ Japanese web site with aviation photography.


Haze Gray & Underway ~ World's Naval History & Photography.


NEW! The History of Military Automotive Vehicles  ~  A link requested by the kids tutored by William "Mr. Bill" Jackson.


Jake's Yankee Station  ~  USS Hancock, CV/CVA-19 Memorial web site.


Jane's Defense Weekly ~ Global Defense News & Defense Headlines.


Japan Air Self-Defense Force  ~ Official website of Japan's Air Self-Defense Force.


Japan Ground Self-Defense Force  ~ Official website of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force.


Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force  ~ Official website of Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force.  ~ Aviation photos. ~ Japanese Aircraft, Ships & Historical Research. ~ Benefiting the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps & Coast Guard. Military & defense information & resources. Find old buddies, apply for a VA Loan, find a civilian job, join the service, read about Tricare, World War II & thousands of other military related subjects, including personnel finder & unit histories.


Minnesota Air National Guard Museum ~ Official website of the Minnesota Air National Guard Museum located at the Minneapolis / St. Paul Airport.


Misawa Air Base, Japan ~ Official website of Misawa Air Base, Japan & the 35th Fighter Wing.


NAF Atsugi, Japan ~ Official website of U.S. Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan & the home of CVW-5.


NAF Misawa, Japan ~ Official website of U.S. Naval Air Facility Misawa, Japan.


National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation ~ a 501(c)3 non-profit educational institution created to design, fund, build & maintain the new National Medal of Honor Museum.


NATO Tiger Association ~ Official website of the NATO Tiger Association.


Naval Historical Center ~ An official U.S. Navy site. The best source of information for naval history from 1775 to the present. It has books, galleries, manuscripts, records & a lot more.


Naval Safety Center ~ An official U.S. Navy site. Home of five award winning magazines: Approach, Ashore, Fathom, Ground Warrior & Mech.


NavSource Naval History ~ Image galleries of the world's naval forces. ~ The largest European U.S. Navy website ~ U.S. Navy ship details, photos, crew lists and cruise books. Cruise Books ~ A direct link to the largest online collection of freely accessible U.S. Navy Cruise Books.


Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery ~ An extensive collection of military aircraft photos.


Patriots Point Foundation  ~ An all volunteer 501(c3) charitable fundraising organization working in support of the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum & the new land side National Medal of Honor Museum currently in planning stage.


RAF Red Arrows Aerobatic Team ~ Official website of the RAF's Red Arrows Aerobatic Team. In my opinion, this is the best demonstration squadron in the world.


Royal Air Force ~ Official website of Britain's Royal Air Force.


Royal Army ~ Official website of Britain's Royal Army.


Royal Navy ~ Official website of Britain's Royal Navy.


SNAFU! ~ A Marine Corps centric blog, with a view on all things military.


Stars & Stripes Newspaper ~ Online version of the U.S. military overseas newspaper.


Subic Bay Naval Base ~ Photos, stories & memorabilia from this former US Naval Base.


The Aviation World  ~ Japanese web site with aviation photography.


U.S. Air Force ~ Official website of the U.S. Air Force.


U.S. Air Force Image Gallery ~ U.S. Air Force image galleries.


U.S. Marine Corps ~ Official website of the U.S. Marine Corps.


U.S. Marine Corps Archives ~ U.S. Marine Corps image galleries.


U.S. Navy ~ Official website of the U.S. Navy.


U.S. Navy Image Archives ~ U.S. Navy image galleries.


USS Alabama, BB-60  ~ Mobile, AL official museum web site.


USS America, CVA / CV-66 Museum Foundation  ~ A virtual museum dedicated to collecting & preserving artifacts related to our nation’s flagship, honoring those who gave their lives in service aboard her, celebrating her greatness by presenting her entire story in a forum accessible to all, creating a forum for former shipmates to tell the stories of her life as only they can tell them & sharing the ship and her great history with the world.


USS Bowfin, SS-287  ~ Pearl Harbor, HI official submarine museum & park web site.


USS Coral Sea, CVB / CVA / CV-43  ~ A site dedicated to the memory of Midway's sister ship, USS Coral Sea, CVB/CVA/CV-43 & everyone who ever served aboard her from 1947 through 1990.


USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVB / CVA / CV-42  ~ A site dedicated to the memory of Midway's sister ship, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, CVB/CVA/CV-42 & everyone who ever served aboard her from 1945 through 1977.


USS Hornet, CV-12  ~ Alameda, CA official museum web site.


USS Intrepid, CV-11  ~ New York City, NY ~ Intrepid Sea, Air & Space museum web site.


USS King, DLG-10 / DDG-41  ~  A web site by Chuck White dedicated to this destroyer named after Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King.


USS Lexington, CV-16  ~ Corpus Christi, TX ~ USS Lexington Museum web site.


USS Missouri, BB-63  ~ Pearl Harbor, HI official museum web site.


USS New Jersey, BB-62  ~ Camden, NJ official museum web site.


USS Pampanito, SS-383  ~ San Francisco, CA official submarine museum web site.


USS Yorktown, CV-10  ~ Mount Pleasant, SC ~ Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum web site.


Vulture's Row ~ An online U.S. Naval Aviation resource with a lot of information, photos & links.


William T. Larkins - Aviation Photography & History ~ Website of Bill Larkins, an aviation photographer, historian & author.


WarBird Photos ~ World War II Japanese German, Russian, Italian & French aircraft photos.


XPlanes ~ A collection of aircraft photos & related links.









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