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In Memoriam



As you recall through word and picture
The wanderings of MIDWAY,
Remember too,
Those whose journeys ended here.


For them life's voyage moved
From the ocean of the present
To a sea of experience
We have yet to sail


For more than 45 years
MIDWAY has steamed,
Returning to safe harbor -
Mission following mission.


Amid the pulsation of four shafts
And the throb of jets at military power,
The true beat of her heart
Depends on the courageous -


Those who tread the decks,
Populate the compartments,
Operate the machinery,
Serve in harmony.


Remember the faithful
Whose final service
Was given in full measure
On this Gray Lady.


Recall them as part and parcel
Of our life at sea
Strands of the fabric
Of our being.


In these pages they remain
One with us-
      our mission,
      our memory -



~ Excerpt from the 1989 - 1990 Cruisebook



USS Midway, CV-41