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USS Midway


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USS Midway


USS Midway ~ The Cutting Edge of the Sword



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October 43 ~ November 50


September 77 ~ November 80

November 50 ~ March 59


February 81 ~ May 84

August 59 ~ April 71


October 84 ~ April 88

April 71 ~ May 75


October 88 ~ April 91

June 75 ~ September 77


June 1991 ~ Present




Notes for the above links:


*  indicates squadrons which were not aboard for the entire deployment.



Several support squadrons operated aboard Midway throughout the years. While not permanently assigned, they regularly sent detachments aboard to supply the ship with mail, personnel, and supplies. The squadron I can verify (although not with definite dates or details) is:


  • VRC-50 flying the C-1A, C-2A & US-3A





CVW-5, Koku-Fan Illustrated, 95-4 No. 81

U.S. Navy

U.S. Naval Historical Center